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Intuitive Life Readings & Coaching

Book a single session with me and we’ll find out what your strengths and weaknesses are, what your general life path is for you and isolate the blocks that are holding you back. Then we will outline a pathway forward for you to create your best life.

$150 per session

Business Oracle Strategy Session

If you’re and entrepreneur or business owner struggling with moving your business forward, things aren’t working out as much as you would like them to be, perhaps you need clarity of direction for your business or your investment portfolio, it’s time to get some insight and guidance.

I have saved people thousands of dollars by helping them take the right path and avoid the wrong path, avoiding costly mistakes. Business owners have used my oracle services to help them make big decisions, create new strategies, soundboard their new directions and more, because they see the value in foresight. Hind-sight is 20/20 but often that’s too late. Getting foresight before you make big moves or big decisions that can affect the outcomes makes sense.


Your Best Self Transformation Program 

This coaching and guidance program is designed for professionals and entrepreneurs who want to be their best selves and unleash their higher potential to live a fulfilling, richly rewarding and purposeful life. Over a series of 12 sessions you can do either every week if you want rapid change, or over 3 months if you prefer to take your time, we will get you properly aligned in all areas of your life that matter to you.

Each session will focus on some aspect of the Wheel of Life as we deeply transform one step at a time. You can book these sessions in 3 session or 6 session lots. Or make the total commitment to change and transformation while saving some money by paying upfront. pay upfront and save some money


Or Pay In Sets Of 3

Igniter 3 sessions $600