Should I buy now?  Should I wait?  Will interest rates go up or down?  Do I have enough money?

These are all questions we ask ourselves when we decide that we want to take the plunge and either invest in real estate or buy our first home. 

Is there a perfect time?  Well, yes and no, but everyone knows Real Estate Is One of the Best Ways to Make Money.



10 Rules for investing in real estate e-book

It depends on a lot of factors.  In my e-book 10 rules for investing in real estate, I talk about how I became a real estate investor by accident. 



Over thirty years ago, without really knowing what we were doing, my husband and I took the plunge.  We had to, it was out of necessity.  We were a newly married couple renting a one-bedroom apartment for a few months when we became pregnant.   It was obvious at once that our landlord did not want any children in the home.  All this was insinuated, of course, we were never told outright that they did not want any children living there as that would have been discriminatory. 


So, our first home was bought out of necessity.  Was it the right time?  We had no choice.  Nobody wanted to rent to a young couple with a small child.  There was a housing shortage!  By purchasing our first home, we learned a lot about real estate and especially which type of home to purchase.


I’ve come a long way, I have sold, flipped and bought over 4 properties without third parties.


Back in those days, and to a large degree today, the information you are given is erroneous and not for our current New England market, plus everyone wants a big chunk of your money.


I am giving you the information I wish someone had given me way back when we didn’t know how to do it ourselves.


I decided that I wanted to educate people on how to purchase profitable real estate. 


In the e-book, you are given clear guidelines as to what type of home to invest and why.  I know purchasing real estate can be scary, after all its usually your biggest purchase, but it doesn’t have to be if you follow my guidelines that are clearly defined in the e-book.


Is there a perfect time?  There’s no perfect time for anything! There’s only chances and decisions you take to make your life better.