I recently went to a local Walgreens to purchase some cough drops for this persistent cough that has been lingering for the last two months and while there, I decided to take a stroll down the skincare aisle.

Mind you, I haven’t strolled down the skincare aisle in years! so this was quite an adventure for me.

You can’t hide your face, so you want to take care of it the best way possible, but I never purchase skin care products at a pharmacy.  I use mother nature as my pharmacy!


Natural recipes prove that nature is the original pharmacist and mother earth the original beauty guru.

We've been eating fruits and vegetables and using parts of them in skin care products for thousands of years.


Skin care Facial mask oatmeal banana mayonnaise|Patricia Agnello


So, as I am examining the packages that promise everlasting youth, I decided to take some time and really study their ingredients. As I began to take the creams off the shelves and read the labels one by one it was obvious that the claims they boasted on the front of their packaging were very misleading and deceptive.


Aside from water, the ingredients listed were so foreign and hard to pronounce and read that I know for sure were created in a lab.  Had there been any natural ingredient in the concoction, you would not have needed a dictionary handy.


There are some other products that claim to be 'Natural or Organic', a lot more expensive, but you might be willing to spend a little more money on them, because they 'Sound better', but are

they better?

Once again, advertising would have us believe that beauty can only come in a jar, when I know for sure, that the answer to great skin is not found in a jar, but in your kitchen cupboard.


I and countless other women owe our beautiful complexions to the recipes of mother nature that not only cost pennies to make but actually make a positive change to your skin and allow you to keep the chemicals out of your system.


Now I want to share with you 3 of the easiest and most wonderful homemade face masks, that can be used by any type of skin with ingredients you can buy in any supermarket or that you might already have in your kitchen.


Download the manual here!

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