My mission is to inspire and teach people how to become the best version of themselves and to elevate their knowledge of the world.I am fascinated by all people and their life's journey. For me, there is no such thing as a boring life.  Everyone's journey is sacred and special.




Life and Self-development Coach

I have certifications in life coaching, nutritional therapy, make-up artistry and reiki healing.

I will listen to you and apply the techniques and knowledge that will help with your own path to personal happiness and peace.

Business Coach

With my experience and knowledge in a variety of fields, we can achieve any professional goals you have and thrive.

I have had many brick and mortar businesses, I am a patented inventor, a real estate investor, and a published author

Workshops & corporate events

Need to increase productivity in your business or create a united team towards one goal, reinforce a little your corporate culture, or give your employees purpose I do empowering events for companies.

I am also available to do Body, Mind, Spirit workshops for groups.



This book is not a magic "how-to" manual to be a millionaire, but a broad- stroke overview of the best ways to start down your path to financial freedom through smart real estate investing.

I met Patricia for intituive life coaching. I clean houses for living and needed help expanding. She helped me with meditation and visualization lessons and she also cleared some blockages I had. Since I've seen her I have gotten more clients and more money than some of my other competitiors, and I have more confidence about my abilities. I'm not in the mood for relationships right now, but when I'm ready I am going back to her before I start looking.

- Carolann Malatesta

General Services Manager
Patricia is an amazing person to say the least and has helped me in my life. I met Patricia when I was troubled and down. She has an outstanding intuition and gave me guidance in so many aspects of my life. Patricia helped me enormously to see things clearly and put me in the right direction. Since I've known Patricia I have remarried and I am in a much better place than I was when I first met her. She also gave me strenght and a positive attitude that I had lost. Patricia is able to see and fell thongs through energy and help guide people, she is a blessing and has and incredible gift.

- Linda Zullo

Business Associate
She is a great Real Estate consultant with years of experience. She manages all the properties that she owns, from signing all the rentals agreements to the monthly resposabilities of keeping the properties under control and when she gets a new tenant she screens them properly. She has other properties that she controls and advices people that are willing to invest in real estate.

- Frank Perella

Real Estate Broker
Approximately a little over two years ago I met Patricia Agnello at a Soul Path Workshop. At this time in my life I had been at a crossroad, asking myself, what is my life purpose? Why am I here? I asked the Universe (God) for help. I was looking to find answers. That’s exactly when Patricia came into my life, and from that time on my life had changed for the better. With her help I have gained self confidence. I have become a strong independent woman. The bond I have with my children has grown immeasurably . I have come to grips with the loss of my father , which was one of the things I was having the most difficulty with! Patricia has helped me accept and understand his passing , and that has made a tremendous difference in my life and working with her has given me the strength to work through difficult situations that made me see the light that was always there. Thank you Patricia you have changed my life.

-Helena Almeida



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